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Management of cadrastal relationships, property administration, appraisals, handling practices and any advice that an owner may need.

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Technical study Leonori geom. Marco
Grilli ing. Massimiliano
property support, from consulting contract to the actual management
consulting, appraisal, administration...
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Experience, professionalism, customer care and orientation toward information technology make our reality the most suitable choice if you are looking for a qualified property management system.
In this sector for many years our studio has an highly qualified staff that will be useful in all areas of managing your property.
Management of relationships cadastral, property administration, appraisals, handling practices and any advice on which an owner may require.
Our studio uses highly skilled technicians that are able to resolve most of everyday problems related to the management of the house and property, is that of an ordinary nature or an urgency.
Sending electricians, plumbers, masons and painters si always preceded by a written traced request to the maintainer to check the timing and execution of the services requested.
Furthermore, we are constantly in touch with business consultants and legal to have a continuous support both from the point of view of taxation and tax law, that from a legal point of view for different needs.
property administration
commercial local administration
counting review
optical document storage
telematic notice dispatch
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property appraisal
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land registry procedures
municipal property practices
technical part consulting
building consulting
building technical consulting
legal consulting
business and tax consulting related to building renovation
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The Interface Web Desktop is our online portal that allows you customers to consult and manage your profile without requiring the consultation of the paper or by telephone. In this version are available for consultations personal registry, situations payments of ordinary and extraordinary activities, download of electronic documentation such as financial statements, records, reports, documents characteristic of the building (insurance, tax code, fire prevention certificate, contracts, tables thousandth and building regulations) all to ensure a faster customer service data and information retrieval.
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